Taking the Leap with Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott - The Story Behind the Podcast

Episode Summary

In today's episode, Rachel G. Scott, the host of the podcast, shares all about the purpose, prompting, and plan for this new podcast.

Episode Notes

Rachel’s Bio:

Rachel is a wife and a mother. She is an Ohio native and a graduate of Kansas State University and the University of Mary where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

As a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, she has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs.

Rachel is the Founder of the I Can’t Come Down movement, an organization dedicated to helping women walk in their purpose and assignment with focus. She is a former Huffington post contributor and current Youversion and Moody Radio Cleveland Partner. 

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections.

In this Episode we talk about about:

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Taking the Leap | http://the5leaps.com/

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