Taking the Leap with Rachel G. Scott

Steven Adjei

Episode Summary

Oftentimes, we don’t realize that something Godly can be produced out of a less than ideal season in life. God allows things to happen to us so that we can be living testimonies. Taking leaps, like starting a business, will not be all rainbows and butterflies. Transitioning into entrepreneurship isn't a walk in the park. In entrepreneurship, there are phases that we go through as we pursue what we feel God has led us to do. Many people give up in the formative phase, but when we become confident that God has called us to this assignment of entrepreneurship and we are working unto the Lord, it won't matter what we go through in the formative phase. We will come out on the other side. Join the conversation with Steve Adjei as he shares his journey from the UK to Ghana and back to the UK, why he began his career in pharmaceuticals, then went to entrepreneurship, and the difficult phase of entrepreneurship that is often unseen and unacknowledged. He also shares how one divine connection after many losses and deals gone wrong transformed his business. Steven is a British-Ghanaian, author, poet, healthcare consultant, and entrepreneur. He is also the founding partner of BlueClowd Health, a Uk-based African focus Healthcare firm that exists to provide solutions to health businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you believe God is calling you to take a leap, then this episode is for you! Tune in!

Episode Notes

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:30] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest 

[02:02] Steven’s background, what he does, and what he’s up to 

[04:18] What inspired Steven to pursue pharmaceutical and his transition to entrepreneurship 

[05:56] About BlueCloud Health and the four main things they offer 

[18:18] Why Steven feels he was destined to be an entrepreneur from a young age 

[09:31] The leap from Ghana to the UK and what captivated it

[10:25] Steve’s lessons from a young age on being a self-starter

[11:42] Steve’s transition to entrepreneurship and the difficulties that he encountered   

[15:39] Renewed fire: How Steven went from 11 years bankruptcy to restoration in a month

[18:33] How Steven is balancing working in the pharmaceutical, running his company, and authoring  

[20:21] Steven’s book, Pay The Price and what it has for entrepreneurs 

[28:25] Golden takeaways from Steven that you can start implementing today

[31:01] How to reach out and connect with Steven

[31:56] Steven’s next leap and what God’s calling him to do

[32:51] Ending the show and call to action


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Resources Mentioned

Pay The Price: Creating Ethical Entrepreneurial Success Through Passion, Pain, and Purpose by Steve Adjei: https://www.amazon.com/Pay-Price-Creating-Ethical-Entrepreneurial-ebook/dp/B0BB5PVNW4


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