Taking the Leap with Rachel G. Scott

Tori Shirah

Episode Summary

Taking a leap with a family can be hard, whether it is transitioning out of our job or moving to another state. When getting ready to leap, there will be many things to take into consideration and some may not logically make sense to us or the people we love. This can make us question our decision but we have to remember that taking a leap requires faith and trusting in God. The noises will be there but allowing God's voice to dominate is key. Sometimes, God reveals the possibilities only to you, and there will be parts of your leap that only you can understand. Seeking wisdom from others without discernment may impact our ability to hear clearly from God, so there are times when we have to break off from being people-dependent so that you can be dependent on him and fulfil your destiny. Join the conversation with Tor Shirah as she shares her calling in the network marketing industry, the healing that can come from the discomfort of leaps, and how our obedience to God can impact our children’s future. She also shares how to embrace a new space with a different pace and how she became innovative, thinking outside the box in an industry that hasn’t already been established. Tori is a wife, mother, podcast host, and network marketer. She is also the founder of the Crazy Faith Mama Movement, birthed from her desire to help other women and mamas embrace crazy faith in every area of their lives. If you are called to take a leap or in a particular industry and feel stuck, this episode is for you! Tune in!

Episode Notes

During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:30] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest 

[02:03] Tori’s background, what she does, and what she’s up to 

[05:39] Tori’s self-driven and entrepreneurial spirit and how she keeps herself in check

[07:01] How Tori moved to Kansas City and why it was a leap of faith and trusting God

[12:31] Lesson’s from Job on the downsides of seeking wisdom from other 

[14:18] Tori’s transition to Kansa City and her experience in a new environment 

[18:27] Thinking beyond your capacity; How Kansa City changed Tori’s perspective as a mother

[22:32] Why God created our children and entrusted us to be parents in such a time as this 

[25:24] Taking a leap with your family and how it looks like 

[27:01] How Tori navigates the network marketing landscape and why she feel like God places her there

[30:28] How Tori got lost and how God put it in her heart to start a podcast     

[34:52] Showing up for what God tells you and allowing him to take care of the manna  

[37:54] Tori’s next leap and what she feel God is calling her to do 

[39:01] How to reach out and connect with Tori

[39:50] Ending the show and call to action


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